Light Travel
Picture Book
January 2021

2023  Award of Merit, 3x3 International Illustration 20th

The whole book is about the story of a photographer Zebra who chases Glimmer. In 3020, the Earth is affected by a cosmic storm, the sun loses its original light, and the Earth is in dark matter. In the world then, people are desperate, indifferent and panicky. To bring hope to his peers in the dark, he decides to capture the remaining glimmer in the world with the lens. Finally, he presents the photos of the lights in the museum and tells the people around him over and over again about the origin of the glimmers and his 10-year experience in searching for glimmers.

Book Cover (p. 08/09)

Book Cover 

Content (p. 09)

Content (p. 10)

Total 15 pages in the book.